Ph. Adriano Bonacini

The village of Campolungo (702 mt above sea level), thanks to a relatively flat terrain, widens and lengthens in correspondance of fields and farms. Originally agricultural, it is increasingly taking a residential characterization for its strong neighborhood with the center of Castelnovo ne’ Monti.

It is also located along the path Spallanzani that from the village return to the field Pianelli and then continue to the Ridge.
The first mention of the place is in 1059 when the “Dezo del fu Tendicione”, professing longobardic law, donated to the church of S. Maria di Campigliola the assets held in “Campolongo”.
In the following centuries Campolungo gradually lost the importance acquired in XIII, and in the sixteenth century was a simple rural township of Castelnovo ne’ Monti.

At the end of the eighteenth century it had a population of 392 souls.
The church, dedicated to SS. Peter and Paul, is first mentioned in 1226, but located in the village of Montale and was among the churches dependent on Pieve di Campigliola. nothing remains of The original building but the advanced portal arch situated in its enclosure for access to the path of the cemetery. The present church stands on the edge of the road to Casale and has recently been renovated.

* Reference: Insediamenti storico e beni culturali appennino reggiano by Walter Baricchi