Ancient landscapes of Parmigiano Reggiano


The term Bismantova defines Pietra and the fields and hamlets around it, on the south and north east side: Bismantova is an ancient territory, and it has always been a rural area. Today the landscape of Bismantova probably looks the same as it looked a thousand years ago, and it is the landscape of Parmesan cheese. Casale, Maro, Campolungo, Carnola, Vologno are the hamlets of Bismantova.

As documents the “Carta dei Musei Vaticani”, Castelnovo né Monti comes long after BIsmantova, in XV century, a center for trade and administration develops around the Castrum Novum.
The Bismantova has always been, and is rural and ancient soul of these places; a well-defined territory and rooted, so arrive almost unchanged until today.

Agricultural production related to the production of Parmigiano Reggiano still today represents a key element as evidenced by the dairy of Casale, that produces about 6,000 wheels of cheese per annum, and the diary of Carnola, that has been operative since 1955 and that produces about 5,000 wheels of cheese per annum.